Attention to Detail: The Suicide

Samuel L Jackson in Coach Carter

Gentlemen… Report to the baseline!

Anyone that I’ve coached will no doubt be sick of hammering this point in… but for those that haven’t had the pleasure, this minute change in the way you run suicides is one key way of ensuring you have a complete game!

When instructed to do a suicide, I can guarantee that almost every player out there does the same thing… They turn and push off of their stronger leg. So what?

Well, this motion of planting our foot and exploding off it is used in countless parts of the game… Cutting to the basket, coming off screens, crossing-over and staying with our man on defense just to name a few. By turning the same way on a suicide, we are limiting ourselves by only ever strengthening one leg. If we’re only good at doing these things going one way; there is room for our opposition to take advantage of that. We have to ensure that we have a complete game in every way possible!

The solution: before every suicide, pick a wall and make sure you face that wall every time you turn. This will even out the load on the legs from 7-0 to 4-3. If you wan’t to even out the load completely, change walls every suicide.

This will feel strange at first, especially on your weaker leg, but after a while each side will balance out and your game will thank you for it!

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